If you give a mouse a cookie... if you're familiar with that famous children's book, you'll understand how we came to have Acie in our life.

After finding the right jobs, we made the big decision to leave the midwest and venture west. If you venture west and you love wine, in your spare time, you will study up on wine. If you have been a lab scientist in the past, you will be inspired to make wine... therefore, a vineyard is in your dreams, and to go with the vineyard, the perfect vineyard dog.

We thought we had found one, sweet kind yet fragile Tia, who was with us just a few short months before she succumbed... she did not have the healthiest start, and then suffered a choking episode from which she did not recover, but she lives on in our hearts. So, we then went on to find the very best breeder we could find to give us a healthy new puppy in our lives....Acie! We knew he was destined for us, he was the only yellow lab in his litter(his dad a chocolate lab, and his mom a black lab) and his mom's name was Wendy (just like his new human mom...) We've all fallen in love with him, head over heels, from the moment we first saw his picture on our computer screen. He's been amazing, he's loyal, polite, always hungry and willing to try out new cuisine, and deferential to his ten pound pomeranian sister Lani. He is even more precious to us as we waited in angst this past month, when he became ill and went through hospitalization, and surgery before being diagnosed with salmon poisoning infection. He is happily recovered, and was home when his beautiful portrait arrived for his human dad's birthday celebration!

We are so grateful and look forward to many many happy years and memories with our Acie. We are also so grateful to Matt for capturing our special "Mister" in his very regal portrait!

Wendy Lin

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