“The dog represents all that is best in man”

Etienne Charlet

The Airedale is called, ‘The King of Terriers”.  But more accurately he is the ‘Court Jester’.

The hard thing about training an Airedale, is to not laugh while correcting behavior.

The 11 years we shared with Leo rushed by in an instant. But he left so many lasting memories.  They always begin with: “I remember…

The enthusiastic way he would throw himself down for a treat (his training)

Lying on his back sleeping with one of his front legs straight in the air, his “disco” pose

The way he would snap his teeth impatiently, “big snapping turtle”

How in the car he would extend one paw over to tap your arm or the steering wheel or the radio—how he would close his eyes when spoken to, very sweetly—how he would always jump to the front seat if left in the back seat

How he knew the word “present” and loved to receive them. with wagging tail, bright eyes and upright ears he would wait to get a new one, or one that was being mended

How he absolutely loved his toys!  The game of having him lying on his back, holding the toy straight above him, and dropping it right into his mouth

How no matter how much he was coddled, and fawned over, he would always remind you that he was still A DOG!

How much he LOVED THE SNOW!! On first going out into it, he would plow the deck with his muzzle to eat it—how he loved to catch snow balls in his mouth—how he loved running in it or going for long walks in it

How you would be walking to the door and suddenly Leo would walk through between your legs,  it made you laugh, and he knew it did.

How Leo smiled.  especially in early morning, if you put your head down low,

Leo would walk toward you with his lips curled up, showing all of his teeth.

It was truly a smile. Matt captured Leo’s happy, energetic nature perfectly.   Leo will always be a part of our lives, until we meet him again. 

Dog portraits by Matt Warford. All images are copyrighted. Contact Matt at portraitteacher@yahoo.com